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((/SOBS/ YES I AM ))

[[omfg osmacar

i ended up just blacklisting him XD]]

Via A Matriarch Bartender

nausikaa asked: Aw you poor thing! I would totally knit you something Prothean-head shaped so that you can rock a fabulous new look!

Thank you. I’d be sure to pay you by not tossing you out the airlock.

Anonymous asked: What's your favourite head accessory, like a hat or wool cap?

….Does it look like my head can have a hat on it?

If it was possible for me to wear a hat and not have it fall off, I would prefer a fedora.

nausikaa asked: [prompt: While on shore leave, Commander Shepard gives Hipster Javik his first fixie. What happens, next? Where does he go with it? How long does it take him to figure out how to ride it? ((XD))]

Commander Shepard handed Commander Javik a fixie.

Due to the fact he didn’t know what a fixie was, he tossed it out the nearest airlock and then went and ate some ice cream.

princessvanguard asked: of course not! I just mean that you are always so fashionable that I love taking you places with me!!

That is what it seems you’ve said if you only look at the top layer of meaning in your sentence. Because, after all, wouldn’t I be much easier to take places if I was a bag? Hm? I believe that is the point you’re trying to make here. That you’d like to have a beautiful Prothean handbag.

miss-vas-normandy asked: Javik, why do humans insist on wearing these horrid types of footwear known as crocs?

I believe it is because, deep down, humans truly hate themselves and want others to hate them just as deeply.

princessvanguard asked: Javik, You're my best accessory. :D

Are you implying that you’re going to skin me and turn me into a purse?

commanderjakeshepard replied to your post: commanderjakeshepard replied to your post:…

No not a threat, just forewarning you I have a tendency to be a bit crazy at times.


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